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FANWALL TECHNOLOGY originated from HUNTAIR® ceiling grid systems used in cleanroom applications. The smaller fans and motors distributed throughout the grid are ideal for providing the even airflow distribution required for a cleanroom environment, a compact footprint for ceiling mounting, as well as redundancy and easy serviceability to minimize revenue risk associated with downtime.

These same benefits can also be applied to any air handler system, particularly where a critical failure would result in significant risk to capital equipment or revenue losses. However, the characteristics and constraints of an air handler cabinet differ from a cleanroom environment, requiring significant R&D before the concept would become the reality of FANWALL TECHNOLOGY. In doing so, Huntair examined every aspect of the individual fan cubes and their interaction together—throwing out the book on conventional fan metrics to design a completely new system optimized for fan array applications, including:

  • Custom fan wheel designs and inlet cones to optimize airflow efficiency and minimize turbulence. The fan wheels are AMCA certified at 72% efficiency, which is 7 to 9% higher than comparably sized fans offered by others and equivalent to much larger fans.
  • Multiple fan wheel sizes and motor combinations to provide flexibility in meeting airflow requirements and create an even piston of air within the constraints of the air handler cabinet dimensions. Fans are available in 7 sizes from 10 to 22 inches to closely match airflow requirements. Expanded horsepower (hp) motor selections provide the ability to closely match the design hp for peak efficiency throughout the operating range of the air handler.
  • A robust cube design and silencing system (called a Coplanar Silencer®) to minimize sound and vibration.
  • Damper selections to minimize pressure drop and block-off plates that eliminate backdraft air in fans that are off.
  • Control algorithms to optimize performance in variable airflow applications.

Many of these items are patented or patent pending.

For information on FANWALL® systems and retrofit opportunities, contact your local CES Group representative.


High Efficiency Fans

Designed specifically for a fan cube environment to achieve 7% to 9% higher efficiency than other fans in their size range. AMCA certified performance.

System Optimization Controls
System Optimization Controls

Automatically calculates on/off of varied fans to meet airflow requirements with the most efficient combination of fans at any given point in the operating range.

Patent Pending
Additional patents pending 

Matched HP Motor Selections

More horsepower (hp) increments to choose from to more exactly match the design hp, reducing the connected load and wiring and switchgear costs.

Click here to see Typical Selections versus Expanded Selections.

Model FBD Backdraft Damper
Near Zero System Effect Backdraft Damper

Model FBD damper prevents backflow in off fans with near zero system effect.

Patent Pending

Click here for more information.

Coplanar Silencer™
Integral Cabinet and Coplanar Silencer®                  

Unique enclosure designed to cancel motor/fan noise for quiet operation.

Patent No.
Additional patents pending

Inlet Cone
Flexible Inlet Cone Selections

Higher static efficiency and acoustic configurations to match requirements.

Patent Pending

Low Vibration Motor Mount

Designed to minimize vibration transmission.

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