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The Venmar CES brand is well known as a pioneer in commercial air-to-air energy recovery ventilation. With over 60 years of experience, we are committed to providing cost-effective Dedicated Outdoor Air Solutions and to being our customers’ first choice in creating quiet, comfortable and healthy indoor environments; over one million installations across North America carry the Venmar CES name.

Since 1952, Venmar CES has been committed to the philosophy of designing products that are engineered for reliability and long life. As North America’s leading manufacturer of ventilation products, we offer our customers a wide range of high quality HVAC solutions. From cost-effective commercial ventilation to custom-designed Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS), we provide our customers with the most efficient heating, ventilating and cooling packages.

All of our products recycle waste energy from the exhaust air stream and use it to precondition the outdoor air to significantly reduce the heating, cooling and humidification loads required to maintain proper levels of temperature and humidity within occupied spaces.

The use of AHRI Certified™ air-to-air energy recovery technologies (enthalpy wheels, fixed plate exchangers and heat pipes) allows us to deliver the maximum amount of fresh air to occupied spaces to produce indoor environments with extremely high levels of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in the most economical and sustainable manner.

Our product lines include:

  • Light Commercial ERV/HRV
  • Semi-custom ERV with Heating & Cooling
  • Full Custom DOAS
  • Classroom Units/Vertical Unit Ventilators

Learn more about these and other Venmar CES products.

Venmar CES

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada


Cost-effective light commercial energy recovery ventilation equipment and vertical unit ventilators. High performance custom-built energy recovery equipment incorporating AHRI certified heat pipes, fixed plate heat exchangers, membrane plates and enthalpy wheels

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